Orion Relaxation Instrument
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The Orion™ - Optimum Relaxation Instrument  $139.95

The Orion™ is the best value in light/sound mind machines available today. An ideal "starter" system due to its low price and rich set of features. it will provide many hours of rewarding use. The warm golden light produced by this system is very "sunny" and very friendly.

The AudioStrobe® decoder enables use of the dozens of titles available that utilize this technique for precisely synchronizing the lights with audio soundtracks. The ColorPulse and MicroPulse modes provide an intriguing entertainment experience.

The Orion™ is incredibly sturdy, conveniently small, ergonomic, and very easy to use. All you need to do is power it on, choose one of the 23 preset sessions, put on the headphones and light frames, and close your eyes. You will be instantly transported to a profound state of relaxation.

There are five independent operating modes build into The Orion™

  1. Preset Sessions
    There are 23 pre-programmed sessions in The Orion™. There are 6 different Peak Performance sessions, 5 different Relaxation sessions, 6 different sessions for Learning, and 6 different sessions for Well Being.

  2. AudioStrobe®
    Select this to play any Audiostrobe encoded CD. AudioStrobe uses a patented technology which adds precisely synchronized patterns of light to music and other audio programs. A sample AudioStrobe cd filled with relaxing music is included with the unit.

  3. Manual Mode
    This mode allows you to select any pulse rate between 1 and 30 pulses per second. The audio pitch can also be chose manually in this mode. Perfect for fine tuning to exactly the rate that you want.

  4. ColorPulse Mode™
    ColorPose transforms the beat of your tapes and CDs into patterns of pulsing lights and patterns behind your eyelids.

  5. MicroPulse Mode™
    The built-in microphone picks up external sounds around you and converts them into pulses of light. Very useful when you are too far away from a music source to connect the Orion directly, or when you are attending live music events. It's also the most perfect thing you could ever bring to a rave!